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Bird Watching in the Bronx

Explore Fun New York's go-to guide to bird watching in the Bronx, NY. Find parks, zoos, and other places to go bird watching in the Bronx. View the most beautiful and majestic birds while going bird watching in the Bronx, New York.

Bronx Zoo - World of Birds

Great Birding in the Bronx Zoo!

One of the popular exhibits at the Bronx Zoo, World of Birds allows you to view such species of birds as blue-bellied rollers, helmeted curassows, and Cuban Amazon parrots.  Witness striking headdresses, elegant plumes, and lots of preening.  Feel free to ask the zookeepers any questions you may have about these beautiful birds.


Meet birds from all around the world and keep track of all your favorites.  The indoor, walk-through aviary is open all year round.  Log onto the website to view detailed animal profiles on such species as the Bali Mynah and the white-throated bee-eater.

Van Cortlandt Park

Go Bird Watching in NYC's 4th Largest Park!

Enjoy the best in Bronx bird watching at Van Cortlandt Park!  Known as New York City's 4th largest park, the area houses several sections with their own unique bird communities.  Overall, you'll spot about 240 species of birds, including the distinct "Eurasian" Green-winged Teal subspecies.  A short loop that borders Van Cortlandt Lake and its associated wetlands, The John Kieran Nature Trail is one of the best spots in the park to go bird watching.


Browse through the Van Cortlandt Park website to view videos of the park's beautiful bird watching spots.  Other activities at the park include biking, hiking, running, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, handball, golfing, horseback riding, fishing, and more!