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Bronx Art Museums

Bronx art museums come in all types - from modern art and pop art to classical art and photography you will find all the finest art museums in the Bronx here. This is your one-stop guide to art displays and art exhibits in the Bronx.

Bronx Museum of the Arts

One of the Top Contemporary Art Museums in the Bronx!

This Bronx art museum is dedicated to connecting people of diverse backgrounds to one another through art. The museum has a focus on contemporary and 20th century art in many mediums. The Bronx Museum's permanent collection is home to about 800 photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists of many backgrounds. Most art within the museum is either by people native to the Bronx or whose work has been inpsired or influenced by the Bronx and the culture there. 


A captivating place to visit again and again - special exhibitions change regularly ensuring there's always something new to see. In addition to the exhibitions, events such as film showings, art performances, concerts and more take place regularly. Check out the museum's calendar to find out what type of events are happening around the time of your visit! Open Thursday through Sunday, admission is $5 per adult.