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Bronx Musicians

Find talented Bronx musicians to entertain your guests at your next event. Whether it is a huge family event or a small, intimate gather, let some of the best musicians from the Bronx make it a night to remember.

Juliana Riccardi Music Group

Classical Music with a Modern Twist!

Juliana Riccardi and her band build unique sets of classic popular music reproduced in an original way. They customize each performance to meet the needs of their clients. Juliana and her band allow you to either take full control or they can create the set for you to take the stress off of your hands.


You can choose from either all instrumentals or instrumentals with a band and you can choose the size and instruments in each band. You can than choose from the genre of music from jazz, pop-jazz or popular music. Juliana Riccardi and her band are sure to please all of your guests at your Bronx event.

Venus Ensemble

Quality Classical Jazz

Venus Ensemble began in 1998 and has continuously provided ceremonies in the Bronx with musicians of the highest quality. They enchant your guests with classical music, jazz or pop/rock music. Within each genre of music you pick they will provide you with a choice of a quartet, trio, duet or solo musician to provide you with the exact sound you are looking for. 


Venus Ensemble will work on a personal basis to ensure you get everything you are looking for in their musicians. With such a wide range of musical talents they will guarantee everyone at your special occasion is dancing, singing and enjoying the music.