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Libraries in the Bronx

If you are a book lover looking for somewhere to discover new books and quiet places to read, check out public libraries in the Bronx! This definitive guide to the Bronx public library system will give you all the finest libraries around. Find a place to study, use the internet, get homework help and more - all are available at Bronx libraries.

Bronx Library Center

One of the Largest Libraries in the Bronx

Home to the largest collections in the Bronx, this large library was the first certified green library in the NY Public Library system. Chic and modern, this library is home to 4 floors of reading materials of all types - reference, fiction, non-fiction, children's books, young adult books, educational texts and more. This multi-lingual library in the Bronx has an extensive collection of Latino and Puerto Rican cultural resources and books on the 4th floor.


The 5th floor is dedicated solely to career and educational advancement, while the concourse level has a large 150 seat auditorium for events and presentations, a technology training center and a literacy improvement center. This Bronx library is open 7 days a week and is fully wheelchair accessible.