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Bronx Caricature Artists 

A complete listing of caricature artists in the Bronx can be found below. With a wide variety of Bronx party caricaturists available, the city's borough is one of the finest places to throw a party. So take a look below of the professionals we have gathered and pick the one right for you. 

Dan Springer

A Caricature Artist with Experience. 

Not only is Dan Springer an experienced caricature artist in the Bronx, he has been comissioned by several major companies and magazines, all a testament to his level of skill. If you're looking for a serious and professional New York party caricaturist then look no further.


Dan does all sorts of parties from birthdays to weddings, so if you have even the smallest inclination to hire a caricature artist then you should do so. Contact Dan Springer today and make your next party amazing. 

Rick Welch

One of the Bronx's Finest.

Rick Welch has been doing caricature art professionally for a number of years now, providing his services for both child parties and corporate companies alike. He is one of the best caricature artists in the Bronx, and is someone that you should seriously consider hiring for your next party.


With a number of Bronx party caricature artists available it can sometimes be hard choosing the right one. Not many can say they have as much experience as Rick, having served at pretty much every type of event where a caricature artist is appropriate, and being in the business for over twenty years.