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Manhattan Party Caricaturist

Welcome to the listing page for all the caricature artists in Manhattan. Manhattan party caricaturists are a great way to make your party entertaining, and those listed on this page are guranteed to do so. So take a look at the listings below and find someone today!  

About Faces Entertainers

Drawings That Will Last Forever.

About Faces is a group of caricature artists in Manhattan, dedicated to serving any and every event where caricatures are desired. Manhattan party caricature artists that provide this much fun and entertainment are rarely seen, making this group of artists a top tier pick for your next party.


Providing their services throughout all of Brooklyn and the country at large, About Faces will be of assistance no matter your location. With a staff of well-known and professional artists, it would be hard to do better than this group of talented individuals. 

Dan Almariei

Quality Pictures Within Minutes.

Dan Almarei is one of the fastest caricature artists in the business, able to drawn a complete and unique portrait within five minutes. Him and his art are also well traveled, visiting several countries in Europe and expanding his style to make himself one of the more unique caricature artists in Manhattan.


As one of the many Manhattan party caricaturists available in the city, Dan Almarei defines himself with his unique style and wealth of experience. He'll be the draw of your party despite how many other attractions you have, with no one wanting to leave without getting a picture done.