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Art Studios in Manhattan

From sculpture to painting, artistic expression is important to people of all ages. Your child can learn the medium of his or her choice at  Manhattan art studios. Manhattan kids art studios offer instruction and a chance for your child to express him or herself.

Fabrizio Art Studio

The Upper East Side of Manhattan is a mix of museums, boutiques, bars and restaurants
Home to Gracie Mansion, the official mayor’s residence, (although Michael Bloomberg preferred to continue living in his townhouse and never resided here), The Upper East Side is chock full of homes of the famous and wealthy. A walking tour of the area can make anyone feel like a Rockefeller for a day, with available shopping at boutiques and cozy, albeit not cheap, shops.  

For the art enthusiast, there is no shortage of art galleries to visit. The Acquavella, Jane Kahan, Leo Castelli, and Fabrizio's, to name a few, are all here!  

Kids at Art

Creative Kids

Organize the most creative birthday party for your kid in Manhattan. Come to Kids at Art and make your child’s moments unforgettable. Let them draw, paint or make sculptures in a non- competitive environment where children can learn and create freely.


Kids at Art offers classes for teens and adults as well. For teens applying to college, the studio offers advanced art training. Call or visit the website to book your reservation. The price for a 16-week Children Art Class is $650.

Michiyo Art Studio

Walk through Chinatown and Fragrant Restaurants and Intriguing Shops Will Call to You
The densely populated neighborhood of Chinatown, located in Manhattan, is considered to be both a popular tourist attraction, as well as a destination for New York residents. Numerous restaurants offering tasty dishes, bargain shops selling knickknacks and bargains of every kind, make Chinatown a destination.

This is not a quiet place for a relaxed stroll, and you may experience the syndrome known as “foot weariness,” but the energy in Chinatown is upbeat and contagious. This area of Manhattan is also home to some of the best art studios in New York.  

Paint Along New York

The Flatiron district of Manhattan is a destination for the curious and artistic
So called for the building constructed in the shape of an old style flatiron on 23rd street, the Flatiron district of Manhattan has experienced new life beginning in the mid-1980’s. When properties were being sold for residential purposes, many restaurants followed the crowd. As a result, real estate brokers needed a name for their advertisements, and “Flatiron” stuck.  This area has become (relatively, recently) home to publishing and internet companies. 

Many known landmark buildings located here, in addition to the Flatiron Building, is the Pan Am Building and Met Life Tower.

The Art Studio NY

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is not as quick paced as some other areas of the city, making it quite attractive
This part of Manhattan is home to families, evident by the parades of parents pushing strollers on the sidewalks, making it a friendly visit. Central Park is here, which always merits a walk through, or a relaxed rest while enjoying lunch. The Park Conservancy hosts several walking tours, depending on the season; check their website for current info.

There are many gourmet food shops, worthy of maxing out your credit card, located here, as well as other specialty shops and high end stores. Some of the best art studios in New York are also located in this area of Manhattan.