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Michiyo Art Studio

Michiyo Art Studio

Walk through Chinatown and Fragrant Restaurants and Intriguing Shops Will Call to You
The densely populated neighborhood of Chinatown, located in Manhattan, is considered to be both a popular tourist attraction, as well as a destination for New York residents. Numerous restaurants offering tasty dishes, bargain shops selling knickknacks and bargains of every kind, make Chinatown a destination.

This is not a quiet place for a relaxed stroll, and you may experience the syndrome known as “foot weariness,” but the energy in Chinatown is upbeat and contagious. This area of Manhattan is also home to some of the best art studios in New York.  

Location: 59 East Franklin Street, Manhattan, NY, 10013
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Phone: 646-801-3282
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59 East Franklin Street, Manhattan, NY, 10013