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Outdoor Activities in NY

From skydiving to kayaking to hiking, find all sorts of fun things to do outdoors in NY state. Explore the most interesting and exciting outdoor activities New York has to offer. Take advantage of the gorgeous spring and summer weather by engaging in one of these popular New York outdoor activities. 

airplane rides in ny

Airplane Rides in NY

Explore beautiful NY attractions from thousands of feet in the air by embarking upon one of these wonderful airplane rides in NY. Find information about all types of air tours in New York.

Category of Airplane Rides in NY
biking in ny

Biking in NY

Get your adrenaline pumping with all types of outdoor venues where you can enjoy biking in New York. Explore the coolest bike trails NY has to offer. Experience New York bike tours where you'll get to explore all sorts of beautiful scenery while keeping active and staying fit.

Category of Biking in NY
new york boating

Boating in NY

Browse through our NY Boating Guide and find all sorts of cool places to go boating in New York. Whether you crave canoeing, kayaking, or other types of new york boating; see our list of parks and other outdoor venues where you can float along the most beautiful lakes and rivers.

Category of Boating in NY
caverns and mines in ny

Caverns and Mines in NY

Search all types of fascinating caverns and mines in NY. Before you book your vacation, see our complete list of caverns in New York. Find caverns in NY in the five boroughs and other parts of NY.

Category of Caverns and Mines in NY
extreme adventures in ny

Extreme Adventures in NY

Enjoy the finest whitewater rafting, ziplining, skydiving, and other pulse-pounding activities when you take advantage of any of these extreme adventures in NY. See our complete guide to extreme outdoor adventures in ny.

Category of Extreme Adventures in NY
Adventure Sports New York

Extreme Sports NY

See a list of fun and extreme sports NY has to offer. If you're looking for something that will get your adrenaline pumping, try some of these adventure sports New York.

Category of Extreme Sports NY
hiking in ny

Hiking in NY

Search for hiking in NY, using our detailed and comprehensive guide to outdoor activities in the state. Enjoy the finest New York hiking by embarking upon one of these great New york hiking trails.

Category of Hiking in NY
horseback riding ny

Horseback Riding in NY

Enjoy the finest horseback riding NY has to offer by browsing through our complete guide to horseback riding trails in New York. Find horseback riding in New York in Brooklyn, NYC, Upstate NY, and other parts of the state.

Category of Horseback Riding in NY
hot air balloon rides new york

Hot Air Balloon Rides in NY

Soar above the great state of NY with one of the coolest hot air balloon rides New York has to offer. Search for all types of hot air balloon tours in ny. Let Fun New York be your go-to guide to hot air balloon rides Ny, so you can make your visit an adventurous one.

Category of Hot Air Balloon Rides in NY
ny hunting

Hunting in NY

Take advantage of the best NY Hunting in parts of Upstate NY and other areas of the state. Find all types of places that offer the best in new york hunting.

Category of Hunting in NY
jet skiing in ny

Jetskiing in NY

Fuel your desire for outdoor adventure by taking advantage of the coolest and most exciting jet skiing in NY. Choose from a variety of locations throughout the state where you can enjoy jet skiing in New York.

Category of Jetskiing in NY
NY Leisure Activities

Outdoor Leisure Activities NY

See a list of local leisure activities in New York. If you're looking for fun weekend outdoor leisure activities, NY has tons to offer. Use this guide to find leisure activities to do in NY.

Category of Outdoor Leisure Activities NY
paddle board rentals ny

Paddle Boarding NY

Enjoy a day on any of New York's beautiful water ways and rent a paddle board. Stand up paddle boarding is a fun and relaxing activity for all ages. Find places to rent a paddle board throughout New York.

Category of Paddle Boarding NY
paintball ny

Paintball in NY

Find the coolest paintball NY has to offer at several outdoor and indoor arenas throughout the state. Read detailed reviews about various paintball fields in NY. Enjoy the most fun NY paintball, with the help of Fun New York's informative guide to New York paintball.

Category of Paintball in NY
parasailing in ny

Parasailing in NY

Go parasailing in NY at Lake George and a series of other spectacular locations throughout the state! Find parasailing in New York that you can enjoy with the entire family.

Category of Parasailing in NY
shooting ranges in ny

Shooting Ranges in NY

Fun New York is your definitive guide to shooting ranges in NY. Find all types of shooting ranges in New York, including the most popular gun ranges in NY.

Category of Shooting Ranges in NY
winter activities in new york

Winter Activities in NY

From skiing to snowmobiling to dog-sledding, enjoy all types of winter activities in New York. See our list of New York winter activities before planning your next excursion to the state.

Category of Winter Activities in NY