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Things to do with Toddlers NY

Find the many fun things to do with toddlers in New York in our easy-to-use directory. Bring your child to these many fun and exciting toddler attractions in NY that are perfect for younger children! Have fun browsing these options and finding the perfect place for you and your little one. When you’re planning a birthday party, check out KidsParties.Party’s list of toddler party places in NY that offer ball pits and such.

East Hampton Marine Museum

One of the Best Kid Friendly Museums in NY
The East Hampton Marine Museum would be mistaken for only offering vintage collections of marine exhibits. However, this museum it is not only ideal for adults and older kids, but it is also one of the must visit toddler attractions in NY. After touring the fascinating artifacts and paintings on display, you next stop should be the discovery room if you happen to be traveling with tots. Wooden boats, marine-themed books and puzzles will no doubt entertain the little ones.

There are a handful of picnic tables at the museum for those that opt to pack some lunch. The museum is open full time in July and August from Monday to Thursday 10am-5pm and 12:00pm - 5pm on Sundays. Admission fees are just below $10 depending on age. 

FAO Schwartz Toy Store

Enjoy Free Fun While Shopping for Toddlers
Besides being a shopping store, FAO Schwartz is one the most fabulous toddler attractions in NY. It is a cool place to shop for cute toys, outfits and gear for kids while at the same time enjoying free fun. Toddlers will look adorable posing for the camera while standing next to the giant stuffed animals at the store. There is also a Muppet workshop and a huge piano where budding artists can try playing some tunes. If you have a little princess on your hands, she will enjoy the amazing collection of toys at the Barbie section and maybe you can buy something for her as well. 

Before leaving, FAO Schwartz, make sure to stop by the snack bar for a delicious bite. The store opens for business Monday to Friday from 10am-7pm and 10am to 8pm Friday through Sunday.

Harris Hill Amusement Park

A Fun Day Out with Your Tots
Are you planning a trip to NY and intend to visit with toddlers? Well, make sure to head down to Harris Hill Amusement Park for a day of thrilling entertainment and endless fun. Touted for being one of the best toddler attractions in New York, this amusement park is the ideal place for children. Preschoolers will not watch older kids enjoying all the fun thanks to the good selection of kiddie rides that are available at the park.

The little ones can choose to ride bumper cars, boats and airplane rides or the mini-carrousels. Tickets go for a reasonable rate of $1.35 per child. The park also has an onsite ice cream shop and picnic area. Before visiting, check opening hours at the official Harris Hill Amusement Park website because open hours vary depending on the season.

Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

A Museum that Offers Great Fun for Toddlers 
If you thought museums are not an ideal place for toddlers, think again. The Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum is one of the fantastic kid-friendly places in NY. This former factory cum museum draws scores of kids thanks to the kiddie merry-go rounds that are available at the premises. The carrousels move at moderate speeds thus making it an enjoyable ride especially for preschoolers.

After enjoying a fantastic ride, kids can head down to the children's art gallery for some drawing, puzzle solving or a game toss. Entrance fees are just under $10 and open hours at this museum also vary depending on the time of year. 

It Takes a Village

One of the Best Community-Based Play Houses for Kids in NY
Providing parents and young ones a fun and social meeting place, 'It Takes a Village' is a community based funhouse and a great NY kids attraction in its own right. This play space helps children to have fun while interacting with each other through activities such as storytelling, art, music and even yoga. The village also offers tons of toys to play with, books for kids and a spacious backyard that allows toddlers to play outdoors. 

The roster of activities at this play house provides a harmonious blend of fun play and social interaction. Kids will have a great time sharing toys and making new friends while moms and dads can meet with other parents as well. The village opens its doors to families that have registered as members every day of the week from 6am-6pm.

Sensory City

A Fantastic Toddler Attraction in NY
Opened in 2013, Sensory City is one of the best kept secrets in NY. This pediatric sensory gym provides professional child play activities aimed at stimulating development of sensory, communication and motor skills in young children. Parents can sign up for a 'Mommy and Me Class’ which allows little ones to stimulate their senses during play while discovering the world around them. Some of the interactive fun actives include playing with balls, bubbles, parachutes, musical instruments and crawling through tunnels. 

There is also an interactive castle equipped with a kaleidoscope, climbing stairs, a slide as well as numerous doors and windows for little ones to explore.  This NY toddler attraction organizes theme based play sessions that will ensure your little one has a fantastic time. Business hours run from 10am - 7pm, but make sure to book reservations in advance.

The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre

A Fun Show for Kids Held in a Charming Building
The rustic Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater is quite striking at first glance, but once you get inside you will discover one of the best puppet shows that NY city has to offer. Since 1973, the cottage has been inviting visitors to its fun filled and innovative marionette productions.  Kids and the young at heart will enjoy the performances from top puppeteers in the country.

Watch your little one glow in amazement while watching puppet masters pull strings on vintage marionettes to make them move and talk. The theater is open from Tuesday up to Saturday between 9:30am and 4pm. Make sure to book reservations for you and your little one and grab a seat to one the best toddler spectacles in NY.

Times Square Disney Store

A Magical Place for Toddlers to Have Fun
Located at the heart of NY in time square, Disney Store is an awesome sight for toddlers. A visit to this toy store is worth it and not just for shopping, but also for the wonderful play sections that will wow your little one. A mini-castle equipped with crowns, fake jewelry, gowns and wands will make your little princess very happy, while the cars section is an ideal place for young boys to customize their own rides.

An imagination theater is also available where tots can draw with crayons or watch animated tales on a 12- foot screen.  In addition, kids can wave wands in front of magic mirrors to bring Disney characters to life and watch them tell stories. To top it all off, there is plenty of candy at the Disney Store, which makes it one of the best kids’ attractions in NY. 

Toys R Us

The Best Place for Preschoolers to Have Great Fun
This mega toy store is one of the ideal places to visit with kids when touring the ever vibrant times square of NYC. Apart from the obvious large collection of toys available for purchase, there are plenty of fun things to do at 'Toys R Us". You can take a thrilling ride with your toddler at the giant Ferris wheel or perhaps visit the Barbie dollhouse with your little princess. 

However, the giant T-Rex Dinosaur is the biggest highlight at this toy store. Standing at 34-feet-long and 20-feet-high, this animatronic dinosaur will no doubt make any toddler marvel in amazement. For what it's worth, entrance at 'Toys R Us' is absolutely free. This NY toddler attraction opens for business on Monday to Thursday from 10am-10pm, Friday to Saturday between 10am and 11pm and on Sunday 11am to 9pm.

Twinkle World

Enjoy Endless Fun with Your Little One at Twinkle World
When looking for a unique place to enjoy fun-filled activities with your young one, Twinkle World is one of the best toddler attractions in NY that you must visit. This 4500sq foot indoor play space has plenty of theme-based play equipment that will stimulate any child's wildest dreams. Let your tot have endless fun while climbing up the stardust tree fort, playing with the fire truck, dancing in the disco studio or even enjoying a beauty pampering session at the pretend salon. 

Other play stations that stimulate imaginative play include a grocery store with fake fruits and vegetables, a custom-made barnyard and a play zone with papier -mâché dragon heads. Twinkle World is simply a great place for kids to make new friends and have a blast. This play space is open Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm and 10am-2pm on weekends.