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Best Restaurants in New York by Food Type

From pizzerias to hot dog joints to the best burgers, find all the best restaurants in NY by food category.  Fun New York allows you to browse the best New York restaurants by food type, to optimize your culinary journey through the state.

best burgers in new york

Best Burgers in NY

Satisfy your carnivorous desires by checking out a list of places where you can order the best burgers in New York! Find out the best burger restaurants in ny that have been rated highly by Zagat, OpenTable, and other reputable online sources.

Category of Best Burgers in NY
best hot dogs in new york

Best Hot Dogs in NY

Feast on the best hot dogs in New York by browsing through Fun New York's comprehensive guide to dining in the state. Find all the best hot dog restaurants in NY where you can order gourmet dogs with the delicious toppings of your choosing.

Category of Best Hot Dogs in NY
Best Ice Cream in New York

Best Ice Cream in New York

When you want a tasty treat, check out these parlors to get the best ice cream in New York. Whether it's slow churned, soft serve, in a milkshake or another form, you'll find the best ice cream New York can offer listed here.

Category of Best Ice Cream in New York
best pizza in new york

Best Pizza in NY

If you're searching for the best pizza in New York, see our list of the best pizzerias in NY and other eateries where you can find the most delicious slices in the state. In middle of checking out some of NY's most beautiful sights, satisfy your hunger with some of the best new york pizza.

Category of Best Pizza in NY
best steak in new york

Best Steak in NY

Enjoy the best steak in New York at a variety of great venues in NYC and other parts of the state. Find information about the best steakhouses in new York.

Category of Best Steak in NY
best vegetarian restaurants in new york

Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Order the best vegetarian food in NY at the best vegetarian restaurants in New York. Skip the steak and ribs, and enjoy a much healthier meal at one of the best vegan restaurants in Ny.

Category of Best Vegetarian Restaurants