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Go Kart Racing NY

Find all the coolest New York go kart racing tracks so you and your family can have some fast-paced fun! People of all ages love pressing the pedal to the metal when they do go kart racing NY.

RPM Raceway

Most authentic and exhilarating racing experience in NY

RPM Raceway is America’s ultimate all-elecbtric indoor karting and entertainment destination. RPM Raceway provides an authentic, exhilarating and safe racing experience, featuring state-of-the-art Italian karts designed to imitate formula race cars.  RPM Raceway offers arrive and drive racing 7 days a week for both junior and adult racers.  Junior racers must be 4’ tall, adult racers must be 5’ tall.

In addition to arrive and drive racing, RPM Raceway offers a variety of racing packages from group events and birthday parties to corporate/team building events.  RPM Raceway also holds seasonal racing leagues as well as junior and youth summer camps!  Visit for more information.  

Adventure Speedway

Race through Adventure Speedway

Drive a go-kart around a twisting quarter mile track. Challenge your friends and family to a race that will test your speed and driving skills at Adventure Speedway. See your results posted on a board as you cross the finish line.


Adventure Speedway offers two types of karts. Choose from a single kart or double kart. Drivers must be at least 56" in order to drive a single kart or double kart. Guests who choose to drive a double kart must have a valid driver's license. Passengers must be at least 36" tall to ride along. It costs $6.50 per ride to drive a single kart and $8.50 to drive double kart.


Westchester, NY's only Indoor Electric Go-Kart Track

At FunFuzion you will find the 700 foot long New Roc Speedway. Multiple guests can drive the twists and turns of the track at the same time. Each car can hold a driver and a passenger. The track can also be rented out for private parties. Enjoy your own Corporate Cup Challenge on the track with an awards dinner that follows.


In order to drive the go-kart guests must be at least 60" tall. Drivers must be at least 16 years old with valid ID to have a passenger in their go-kart. Guests must be at least 48" tall in order to ride along as a passenger. The track costs $5.95 for just the driver and $8.50 with a passenger.

Grand Prix New York

Indoor Go Kart Racing in NY!

Grand Prix New York is a fun activity center based around go karting. If you love to race and compete, you'll love this large indoor track! Grand Prix is great for people of all ages - they offer junior racing courses for  kids as well as adult racing leagues.


If you want to take a break from go karting, you can check out Grand Prix's arcade, bowling alleys, pool tables or their delicious award-winning cuisine. This is the perfect place for a family evening out.  Regular racing events take place as well, so if you'd simply like to watch a competition, that's also an option.

Karts Indoor Raceway

Race on a Professionally Built Go-Kart Track!

At Karts Indoor Raceway you will have the opportunity to race on an indoor go-kart track built by racing professionals with 30 years of experience. Eight drivers will have the chance to race on the 725 ft. long Pro Track. The slick track allows the karts to slide through turns while passing the other drivers.


Each race kart has four different speeds which will ensure fun for both inexperienced and pro drivers. Drivers must be 54" tall to drive on the Pro Track. The Pro Track costs $7 per race. All racers are required to purchase a go-kart license for either $2 for the day or $12 for the year.

The Castle Fun Center

Check out their Mini Indy Track

The Castle Fun Center features two outdoor go-kart tracks for guests of all ages. The Mini Indy Track allows guests as young as 5 to drive around a figure-eight shaped track and over a bridge. The track costs $5 per ride.


The center also has a Road Course Track that is close to 1/4 mile of road for single, double, or drift karts. Guests must be at least 54" to drive a single kart with each ride costing $6. In order to drive a double kart guests must be at least 16 years old and at least 3 years old to be a passenger with each ride costing $7. Guests must be 14 years or older to drive a drift kart with each ride costing $7. Each kart is faced-paced and the tracks are full of excitment!