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Manhattan Botanical Gardens and Arboretums

Spend a sunny day out of doors viewing the  trees and flowers that can be found year round in gardens and arboretums in Manhattan. When you visit Manhattan botanical gardens you can brighten your day and learn the difference plants make in our environment and our attitudes. This is your definitive guide to Manhattan arboretums.

Central Park Conservatory Garden

A Retreat in the Middle of Manhattan

Begun in 1898 as a glass greenhouse this Manhattan garden has since been turned into a 6 acre garden in three distinct styles. Italian, French and English garden styles are evident in the many shaded walkways and burbling fountains that will calm and refresh you in this Manhattan garden.  


Smellong of magnolia and lilac in the spring, the English' garden's central feature is the large statuary fountain memorializing Frances Hodgson Burnett. The French garden is a delightful place to relax with its pansies and tulips scenting the air. A tall fountain, large lawn and wisteria pergola mark the Italian garden and make it a good place for photography. Conservatory Garden in Manhattan is open from 8am to dusk.


Jefferson Market Garden

A Peaceful Bit of Earth

This garden in Manhattan, although tiny, is a beautiful haven  amidst the surrounding concrete jungle of New York City. A sanctuary of green in the summer, this third-of-an-acre garden is completely volunteer run. Located in Greenwich village, it is a wonderful place to come and sit in silence on one of the many shady benches. 


Events take place regularly in Jefferson Market Garden, and include a flower festival, birdfeeder making workshop for kids, children's storytime and live music for all ages. Located next to historic Jefferson Market Public Library, this Manhattan garden is open afternoons Tuesday through Sunday from May to October.