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Manhattan Historical Sites

Famous Historic Sites in Manhattan can be anything from a building to a plot of ground where something interesting took places in ages past. This part of the city is packed to the brim with interesting Manhattan historic sites. Find the top historic sites in Manhattan listed here for your convenience.

Ellis Island

Visit the Gateway to New York

From 1892 to 1954 Ellis Island was the entry by which immigrants came into the US after a difficult, long and often cramped journey over the ocean. More than 12 million men, women and children came through Ellis Island during its operative years seeking a land of hope and opportunity.  The Ellis Island Museum tells their fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking stories. Ellis Island definitely tops the list of historical sites in Manhattan.


When you visit the museum you will see artifacts left by immigrants (clothing, suitcases and other belongings), photographs, videos and prints - you will also hear oral histories recorded by immigrants themselves. Walk through the entrance hall where countless people lined up and waited for their turn to find out if they could stay in this new land of hope. Audio tours are available to visitors in 9 languages with a special narrated children's audio tour available in 5 languages - making this a great place for the whole family and one of the most interesting historical sites Manhattan has to offer.

St. Paul's Chapel

A Symbol of Survival and Hope

Built in 1764 St. Paul's Chapel is the oldest standing church in Manhattan. It is a building that has survived bombings and fires, and has been a place of worship and rest for presidents and heroes. On the day he was inaugurated president, George Washington attended this tiny chapel. More than two hundred years later in 2001, St. Pauls played host to relief workers as a place of shelter and rest after the September 11th terrorist attacks.


When you walk outdoors you can view the stone monuments in the small graveyard in front of the church – many date back to before America was formed as a nation.  This Manhattan historical sites is open to visitors from 10am - 6pm on weekdays, 10am - 4pm on Saturday, and 7am - 9pm Sunday.