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Manhattan Museums

Museums in Manhattan are abundant due to the rich culture and history found there. You will find art, science, history and cultural Manhattan Museums. This is your definitive guide to the finest and most fascinating Manhattan Museums. Where to find a list of the top museums Manhattan has to offer.

Art Museums in Manhattan

Enthralling art museums in Manhattan can be found here. If you're looking for folk art, photography, classical art or modern art museums in Manhattan, this is your ultimate guide. Here's a list of all types of Manhattan art exhibits.

Category of Art Museums in Manhattan

Historical Museums in Manhattan

The most fascinating historical museums in Manhattan can be found in this definitive list. If you are looking for an enthralling look into the past, Manhattan history museums are the place for you. This is your one-stop guide to the most interesting historical museums in Manhattan.

Category of Historical Museums in Manhattan

Science Museums in Manhattan

If you love science then you'll love science museums in NYC. Learn a bit more about astronomy, physics, meteorology, geography and more at Manhattan science museums. This definitive guide gives you the finest museums of science Manhattan has to offer.

Category of Science Museums in Manhattan