Indoor Playgrounds in Upstate New York

Your children will love visiting the places on this list of indoor playgrounds in Upstate New York. Rain or shine these play places in Upstate NY can help your kids expend their pent up energy while interacting with other kids and making friends.


Play, Skate, Ride and Slide!

Rain or shine your kids can play at Kango, an Upstate NY indoor play place with tons of toys, activities and structures for kids. You can drop in during any of the open play hours for a small fee, or purchase an annual membership for your household. Your kids will want to keep coming back for more once they've had a taste of the fun that awaits at Kango.


A roller skating and tricycle rink, redemption games, a huge play structure and a huge bounce area with obstacle course will keep kids occupied for hours running, laughing and playing. 

The Sandbox

A Top Indoor Playground in Upstate NY!

When you bring your children to this play place in Upstate NY they will have a blast making new friends and playing on the many fun structures and toys. Their imagination can run wild in this brightly colored play place with colorfully painted murals and playhouses. Children will love pretending to be chefs in the mini pizza parlor or playing with the giant stuffed animals in the mini barn.


Perfect for children up to 7 years old, this play place will have your kids wanting to keep coming back for more. Find out about having your next party at the Sandbox!