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Archery Long Island

Search for all types of archery ranges in Long Island, where you can engage in exciting archery-themed adventures. If Long Island archery is your pleasure, take aim at one of these great archery ranges and archery clubs in Long Island.

C & B Archery

A First-Class Long Island Archery Facility!

A first-class pro shop and archery range on Long Island, C & B Archery maintains a top-quality facility.  The indoor range measures over 9,000 square feet and is perfect for honing your shooting skills.  Photos are available on the website.  The store is an authorized Matthew retailer and carries other great brands like Mission, Hoyt, PSE, Vista, TruFire, Black Creek, and G5. 


The staff at C & B Archery is extremely friendly and helpful, always willing to offer advice to customers who are new to the sport of archery.  Plus, you can receive lessons from professional archers who are certified by the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).  If you're a member of Suffolk Archers or Nassau Bowmen (two local archery clubs in Long Island), you are more than welcome to use the range.

Nassau Bowmen

Archery-Themed Events in Cedar Creek Park!

A club dedicated to practicing and promoting the great sport of archery, Nassau Bowmen hosts several archery-themed events throughout the year at Cedar Creek Park on Long Island.  The park is ideal for archers, as it contains a field with multiple shooting stations with distances up to 90 meters.  If you're planning on joining any regional or national archery competitions in the near future, the club serves as a fertile training ground.  


Practice sessions are generally held between the months of April and October.  Club members are given access to all equipment and targets, free of charge.  Free clinics for novice shooters usually take place during the last practice session of each month.  If you're looking to join the Long Island archery club, the membership form is available on the website.

Smith Point Archery

Bowhunting Archery Lessons on Long Island!

Smith Point Archery offers all the products and accessories an archer can want... for affordable prices!  Plus, you'll get treated with expert service from archery professionals.  Winter shooting leagues are available.


If you're looking for archery lessons in Long Island, the store offers group lessons for bow hunters.  Learn basic archery skills, safety, equipment maintenance, proper foot positioning, proper bow gripping, anchor points, aiming techniques, shot follow-through, and sighting.  You conclude each lesson by shooting at cardboard deer silhouettes from both standing and sitting positions, to simulate actual hunting scenarios.  Youth group lessons involve all the same instruction, and are available to all the younger archers.  You can even book private archery lessons (by appointment only).

Suffolk Archers

One of the Best Archery Clubs in Long Island!

By enrolling in a membership at Suffolk Archers; you will gain access to a unique, 20-acre forest that's completely dedicated to archery.  Whether you're curious about exploring the sport of archery or looking to hone your skills, you will not be disappointed.  The family-friendly Long Island archery club even encourages children to join, as families could participate for one single-membership fee.


Club amenities include practice butts from 10-80 yards in two fields, a 28-target field course, 28 Knock-a-Block target stations, 28 life-size 3-D animal targets, a moving 3-D deer target, and illuminated night shooting.  During each year you'll get to experience 3-D events, tournaments, a 6-week league, and a variety of novelty shoots.  Each tournament includes categories that cater to shooters of all ages, abilities, and equipment preferences.