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Long Island Amusement Parks

Find thrills and screams at amusement parks on Long Island. Spend a day out with friends or family enjoying crazy coasters and playing carnival games at Long Island amusement parks. This is your definitive guide to all the fun places to be.


Serving Long Island for Over 50 Years

Since 1962 this family amusement park in Long Island has been delighting residents with its swooping coasters, great games and fun atmosphere. Boasting a large array of thrill rides and water rides appropriate for adults and older kids, this amusement park also has many kiddie rides for younger visitors. Parents of small children will want to visit the Kiddie Carousel, Caterpillar and train among others fun rides for small riders.


For refreshment Adventureland has a restaurant with a wide range of meals and many concession stands and stations where you can buy food, snacks and drinks. Take a break from riding the coasters and head indoors to the arcade and game center. Admission to the park is free, but tickets or a pay-one-price bracelet are required for each ride.