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Wedding Cakes in NYC

Wedding Cakes NYC

Find NYC wedding cakes in all types and varieties, and find one that best fits your price range!  Pick from some of the most delicious wedding cakes in NYC, made by some of NYC's finest culinary geniuses!


191 Center Street,
New York City, NY 10013


A wedding Cake That Complements The Love Of The Couples!
Fay Da Bakery is the place for ordering  a custom made wedding cake that suits the design that you like. The wedding cakes are guaranteed fresh, tasty and wonderful that fits in a perfect wedding occasion. The designed wedding cake makes a perfect complement for the couples on their wedding day, where you can see the beauty and the love in the design of the cakes.

So order a custom made wedding cake at Fay Da Bakery, where you get to decide what the cake will look like and how it is going to emulate on your wedding day.

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1 Union Square West,
New York City, NY 10003


Beautiful and Desirable Wedding Cakes from Ruth Drennan Cakes!
Ruth Drennan Cakes is the place where you can get a beautiful centerpiece for your wedding, a wedding cake that is elegant and simply beautiful. With its design that is very detailed and well-emphasized the cake in itself represents the beauty and love of the couple.

The wedding cakes at Ruth Drennan Cakes are absolutely delicious and one of a kind. Guests will enjoy the cake and love it.  So order your cake today from Ruth Drennan Cakes, where each wedding cake is unique and beautiful.  

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1240 6th Avenue,
New York City, NY 10020


A Wedding that is Complete With a Cake On Top!
Magnolia Bakery opened its first location in 1996 on a quiet street corner in the heart of New York’s West Village.  The shop is home to famous cupcakes that are absolutely delicious and one of a kind. Magnolia Bakery offers a deconstructed wedding cake that is beautiful and lovely, rich in flavor and a wonderful site to see, the cake is simply a work of art.

Magnolia Bakery is the perfect place to order a beautiful cake that is rich and vibrant in design and a way to make a perfect wedding day complete. So call Magnolia Bakery today and avail their amazing wedding cakes.

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402B East 80th Street,
New York City, NY 10075


A Wedding Cake That Amazes You!
Mark Joseph Cakes is the place to be for ordering one of the most beautiful and absolutely delicious wedding cakes in New York City. For many years Mark Joseph has provided many satisfied couples with the best wedding cake they ever had. To this day Mark Joseph is notorious in making one of the most beautiful and delicious cakes in the city.

So make your wedding day special and order a cake from Mark Joseph Cakes, where satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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336 West 37th Street,
New York City, NY 10018


A Wedding Cake For A perfect Wedding!
Sugar Flower Cake Shop, located in 336 West 37th Street of New York City, is the best place to order a beautifully designed cake where it is artistic and absolutely delicious. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation or a wedding, Sugar Flower Cake Shop can make a beautiful cake for you. Whatever designs you like they have it all covered.

Sugar Flower Cake Shop specializes in wedding cakes that are unique and elegant and make a perfect center piece for the wedding. The shop was even featured in several magazines and has made cakes for famous celebrities. This makes its cakes desirable and of great quality. So order your cake today, visit the website or call them at 212-993-6441.

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273 Church Street,
New York City, NY 10013


Wonderful Wedding Cakes at Sylvia Weinstock Cakes!
Sylvia Weinstock Cakes offers a variety of wedding cakes that fits to your likes and desires. Sylvia Weinstock provides a cake for any special occasion whether it's a birthday, Valentine's day, anniversary or a wedding. Sylvia Weinstock will surely provide the best cake for you.

Make that special occasion something memorable with a Sylvia Weinstock Cake. For orders or for cake tasting call 212-925-6698 or email at info@swcakes.com. 

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251 West 18th Street,
New York City, NY 10011


A Wedding Cake That You deserve!
City Cakes makes one of the best wedding cakes in town. Founded by Benny Rivera and Marc Matthias a highly skilled and veteran in cake designs and pastry making, both were trained at the French Culinary Institute and mentored among the highly skilled and talented great chefs. City Cakes offers amazing designs and great tasting wedding cakes that you will absolutely love.

For every special occasion order a cake at City Cakes, you will absolutely love their amazing cakes. For more information please visit the website or call them at 646-688-2285.

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112 8th Avenue,
New York City, NY 10011


Home Of The Finest Wedding Cake In The City!
Located in Chelsea on 8th Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets, Empire Cake offers the best in American baking with a gourmet twist. They offer scrumptious and beautiful baked goods that are absolutely mouthwatering and always fresh. Empire Cake also offers an elegant wedding cake that is beautiful and well-detailed. It will surely make a great centerpiece for a wedding.

Empire Cake wedding cakes are among the best in town, providing their satisfied customers a beautiful and delicious wedding cake and most of all their cakes are always fresh, unique and simply amazing. So order a wedding cake today at Empire Cake.

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42 Greene Street, 5th Floor,
New York, NY 10013?


Order a Cake from "The Wedding Cake Master"!

Creator of some of the most beautiful and scrumptious wedding cakes in New York City, Ron Ben-Israel is a true maestro in the pastry industry.  His passion for fashioning cakes remains unrivaled by others of his kind.  Ron has been regarded as "the wedding cake master" in the Zagat Survey and has been lauded in such national periodicals as Town & Country and New York Magazine.  He has also made appearances on such TV shows as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Martha Stewart Living, and The Late Show with David Letterman.  


See what people all around the world have been raving about, and order one of Ron Ben-Israel's fantastic wedding cakes today!  Tasting and design sessions are available Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 4 P.M.   

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