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NYC Art Studio

Find all the top art studios NYC has to offer when you use this fun directory. Learn painting, pottery, sculpture and more at an art studio in New York City.

Young Artist Studio

We help your children discover and develop their talents
Some kids show talent in a particular area from a very young age, while others discover their talents as they grow. It is very important that you chose the right institution in honing your child’s talents as it is the most vital part of discovering your child’s potential.

Highly recommended art studio in NY is the Young artist studio. Located on the upper east Side of Manhattan, on the corner of 89th street and first Avenue. This art studio provides your child an environment where they can learn the fundamentals and basics of drawing and art with emphasis on academic principles and methods 4 times a week, 2hrs every session. Also, this studio has been a private art class for kids in drawing and painting, since the year 2000. The students are aged 7-14 and all art classes are taught by Leila Yassami a veteran artist and graduate of the National Academy and the Art Student League of New York.