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New York City Zoos

Kids and adults alike will enjoy watching animals at zoos in New York City. Take a trip to the wild side when you sped a day at an NYC zoo. A world of discovery awaits you - at NYC zoos you can learn all about animals from around the world.

Buffalo Zoo

Be an animal advocate
Indulge in one of the coolest zoos in NY; step off 300 Park side Avenue Buffalo into a rain forest alive with tropical birds, endangered monkeys, and fascinating giraffes. Chill out with the polar bears in a cool Antarctic habitat, or soak up some sun with the famous buffaloes (don't miss their anticipated daily feedings). You can spend an hour or an afternoon with your kids and loved ones experiencing the jewel-like Buffalo Zoo and its residents –-from tremendous polar bears to the tiny leaf-cutter ants. 

The Buffalo Zoo’s adopt an animal program makes them one of the most visited zoos in NY. Each participant pays a yearly donation and then chooses a species of animal that they would like to sponsor and adopt. They then get an information package with a photo of the particular animal they are helping feed as well as their name and other information about them.  It must be a very fulfilling feeling to adopt and help wild life.

Central Park Zoo

Centrally Located, Fun Zoo!

The Central Park Zoo, despite being  small still offers an impressive range of exotic and domestic animals. Snow monkeys, boa constrictors, penguins, red pandas and lemurs are just a few of the animals from across the continents that you will see when you visit. A favorite of all visitors are the penguin and sea lion feedings which take place a few times a day.


The Tropic Zone is a recreation of a rainforest habitat in which you can find many kinds of birds and lemurs swinging and winging overhead.  If you want the full experience of this zoo, stop by the "4-D Theater" which shows short films where your seats rotate and move as part of the film experience! This funNew York City zoo is open 365 days a year.