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Leisure Activities in NYC

If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a relaxing way to spend a day, browse  through these outdoor leisure activities New York City can offer. When it comes to leisure activities, NYC can offer everything from golf to archery.

archery ny

Archery in NYC

For the coolest archery in the five boroughs, see our comprehensive guide to archery NYC. Find archery ranges in new york city that cater to new and experienced archers. View phone numbers, addresses, and reviews for all types of venues that offer archery in nyc.

Category of Archery in NYC
bird watching new york

Bird Watching in NYC

Search for the finest bird watching NYC in the five boroughs. Find parks, bird sanctuaries, and other cool bird watching spots in New York City. Fun New York will provide you with a complete list of places to enjoy birding nyc.

Category of Bird Watching in NYC
new york fishing

Fishing in NYC

Find NYC fishing in Manhattan, Bronx, and the rest of the five boroughs. Read detailed information about some of the finest fishing charters nyc has to offer. If you're looking to go fishing NYC, see our complete guide to places in the region that offer bass fishing, saltwater fishing, and other types of fishing that you are bound to enjoy.

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new york golf courses

Golf Courses in NYC

For the finest NYC golf, check out one of these great nyc golf courses in the five boroughs. Take advantage of the best golf NYC has to offer by searching through Fun New York's guide to golf in nyc.

Category of Golf Courses in NYC