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Wineries in NYC

This is your definitive guide to wine making and wine tasting in New York City. A perfect idea for that romantic date, visit wineries in NYC. NYC Wineries offer many types of wines locally grown and made.

Casa Larga

A Place Where You Can Stay All Day 
The Casa Larga is a place where you can just stay there all day just drinking wine and chatting with everyone on the vineyards. The staff will always mark the bottles after they're opened in order to protect their customers from the taste of the nectar of the old bottle. The owners of the Casa Larga NY are always happy to discuss wine and the winery with all their visitors so you will really learn a lot from them if you are interested in wines as well. 

City Winery

Make Wine Right in NYC!

City Wine is a great place to make your own wine in the heart of New York City. You and up to 5 friends can join in purchasing a barrel of wine and can participate in making your wine from beginning to end. From crushing the grapes to bottling your wine with custom labels, and all the bits in between (including tastings of your barrel as often as you like) you can be directly involved in making your wine. Master wine makers will available to answer all your questions throughout the process.


City Wine also has a restaurant and performance space so if you're looking for a classy place to sip fine wine in NYC and listen to a performance of music or spoken word, this is the place for you.

The Red Hook Winery

A Must See Vineyard In New York
The facilities and the tasting room of the Red Hook Winery is very nice and so welcoming that you would want to stay there longer. The staff at the place is also very knowledgeable about the wines they are selling and friendly. The vineyards is right on the water so the view at the place right outside is just so beautiful. The cost of the tasting  of their wine is very reasonable which is about $5.00. If you have not gone to any wineries, going to the Red Hook Winery NY for will give you a great first time.