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Guitar Lessons New York

Search for a variety of guitar lessons in NY; including lessons for people in beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  We have found some of the best guitar lessons NY has to offer, from some of the most talented instructors in the state!

Classical Guitar School of New York

Learn To Play Classical Guitar At Classical Guitar School of New York!
It is the best place to be for learning the style of classical guitar here in New York. Classical Guitar School of New York offers to teach students the basics and help them improve to become a better musician. Headed by Yasha Kofman, he dedicates himself in the learning of each student and for them to understand the ways and techniques in properly playing the classical guitar.

Learn from the best here in New York and learn from Yasha Kofman. You will definitely enjoy a great time at each music lesson and also you will learn a lot from the expertise of Yasha Kofman.

Encore Music Lessons

Learn To Play the Guitar At Encore Music Lessons!

Encore Music Lessons offers guitar lessons for beginners or expert learners and trains them to become skilled and competent in playing the instrument. One of New York's best choices for learning to play musical instruments, Encore Music Lessons offers to teach their students at their own pace and help them progress and become skilled in playing their musical instruments.


So come and learn how to play the guitar here at Encore Music Lessons where you will be trained by the experienced and skilled musicians of New York. Call them today or send them an email for your guitar lessons.

Galliard Music

Learn To Create A Great Tune With Your Guitar!

Galliard Music offers to teach you the techniques and the different styles of playing the guitar in the comforts of your own home. With their highly skilled and experienced instructors you will definitely learn a lot from them and will develop your skills to become competent and skilled at playing some amazing music on the instrument.


So learn from the best here in New York and develop your skills to become a skilled guitar player and play some wonderful music with your instrument. Register at Galliard Music and have yourself a great time at your guitar lessons.

Guitar By Anthony

Learn To Play The Guitar With The Help Of Guitar By Anthony!
Anthony Dalleva has been teaching guitar lessons for over 15 years and knows what the best ways for students to learn easily and effectively are. He will teach the students to have confidence and also to have the understanding on how to make a good rhythm. With his music lessons, students will learn how to read chords and know how to make good tunes. 

Among the best guitarists here in New York, Anthony continues to provide excellent and quality guitar lessons where students can enjoy and have a great time learning how to play the guitar. Visit the website for registration or call him at his number.

Guitar Cities New York

A Guitar Lesson Here In New York!
Learn how to play a guitar and learn from the best only here at Guitar Cities New York. They offer music lessons for everyone to enjoy. Such lessons include guitar lessons where students will be trained among the most skilled and experienced musicians in the city. Guitar Cities New York offers a lesson that involves theory, song learning, song writing, ear training, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and much more.

Make your registration and learn to play the guitar only here at Guitar Cities New York. You will definitely have a wonderful and fun learning experience in playing the guitar.

Music Beans

Fun Music Lessons At Music Beans!
Learn how to play the guitar here at Music Beans where they can help you learn the techniques on how to properly play the guitar and also to know how to read the chords. With their music lessons, students can effectively learn the fundamentals of playing the instrument and can explore the many possibilities of creating wonderful music.

Enroll now at Music Beans where you can have a wonderful music experience here in New York. For more information please visit the website or call them at their contact number.

New York City Guitar Instruction

Learn To Play Guitar Here In New York!
New York City Guitar Instruction offers to teach you the principles and techniques of playing the guitar. Headed by Billy Redfield, the instructor of New York City Guitar Instruction, he dedicates himself to training his students to become competent and skilled in playing the guitar. Each session offers a great learning experience where students will improve their skills and further enhance their knowledge in the techniques of playing the guitar.

Enroll now at New York City Guitar Instruction and learn from the best. Learn from Billy Redfield where you will be sure that you will become a good guitar player.

New York City Guitar Lessons

Play The Guitar And Create A Wonderful Tune!
New York City Guitar Lessons offers a wonderful learning experience in learning how to play the guitar. With Josh Lattanzi, a skilled and experienced guitar player, he will teach his students how to be a great musician and to have the confidence in playing the guitar. He offers private lessons where he can go to you at your location anywhere in New York City or have a guitar lesson at his studio or via Skype, either way you will definitely learn a lot from each guitar session you have with Josh Lattanzi.

So make your registration and fill out the form on the website. You will be sure that the guitar lessons will be fun and a great learning experience.

New York City Guitar School

NY Guitar Lessons from Some of the State's Top Instructors!

If you're looking for guitar classes in New York, why not receive them from some of the top guitar instructors in the state?  While enrolled at New York City Guitar School, you will come into contact with wonderful classmates and some of the friendliest staff around!


Beginners' classes are limited to six students in total.  During your lessons you will learn to play awesome tunes from such artists as Green Day, U2, Kings of Leon, Guns 'N Roses, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and The Black-Eyed Peas.  Absolutely no prior musical experience is required!  All materials will be provided to you free of charge, including the guitars.  The schools also offers private lessons seven days a week.

New York Guitar Academy

Learn To Play The Guitar With New York Guitar Academy!
New York Guitar Academy is the perfect place for learning the proper techniques of playing the guitar, each session will help students learn new and interesting lessons on playing the guitar. New York Guitar Academy offers lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and they offer to teach a variety of methods for playing the guitar, such as flamenco, Spanish, jazz and many more.

So enroll now at New York Guitar Academy and learn to play the guitar from the best. Visit their studio or contact them through phone, they will be sure to accommodate you with your needs.

Swan Music School

The Confidence To Play A Guitar! 
Learn to play a guitar here at Swan Music School where their instructors will teach you the proper techniques and methods when playing the guitar. They will take on your musical goals as their own and help you achieve and become great in playing the guitar. A preferred choice in learning to play the guitar here in New York, Swan Music School continues to provide excellent and quality music lessons for their students. 

Come and enroll yourself here at Swan Music School where you will learn and enjoy playing the guitar. Visit their website for more information or contact them at their hotline, they will make sure that you are satisfied with your music lessons here at Swan Music School.