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Cooking Class Party NY

Treat your young chef to a special party where he or she and friends can learn to cook their own food or dessert. Kids love parties where they get to not only see results of their work but also get to eat it! Your little one will feel accomplished and have a great time when you throw learn to cook parties in NY.


Delish! is Exceptional for Cooking Parties and Team Building Events
According to Delish!, “The kitchen is one of the oldest arenas for building strong bonds; and cooking, as a team, can help build strong bonds between attendees/coworkers.”  This philosophy is present in Delish’s facilities and their planning, and is quite ideal for cooking parties in New York. 

Delish’s perfect cooking parties and cozy team building events allow participants to work together to prepare and cook, leading up to a wonderful meal they can all sit down to and enjoy together. 

My Cooking Party

My Cooking School is a Phenomenon! 

This company is committed to the strategy of learning by doing.  Avoiding lectures, you jump right in to the three hour lesson with a hands on approach, confidently directed by culinary professionals who have a natural, easy way of teaching. Cooking Parties in New York is a great way to create memories. These professionals of  My Cooking Party handle all of the details, everything is all set up and ready to go when you arrive. For team building, you can’t do any better than to bring people together in a kitchen for a cooking party. 


The program is more than just a class; it is a playful arena for participants to come together and build connections and relationships.   After the lesson, participants sit down to a wonderful meal, worthy of your group’s yearbook.

Rustico Cooking

Famous for their cooking parties in New York, Rustico will not disappoint!
For a cooking party which is beyond exceptional, you’ll want to contact Rustico!  They know how to organize the perfect cooking party in New York. Whether you are thinking about a team-building party, a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, birthday, anniversary – whatever your celebration, Rustico is there for you. 

The price for a standard event is $135 per person (plus 20% gratuity; and 8.875% tax).  For an additional fee, you can add a wine tasting to your event.  Let them create a menu tailor-made to your specifications. Rustico’s 2 kitchens have four over-sized stainless steel work tables, able to accommodate up to forty attendees. For preparing food; their 2 dining rooms have seating for up to 80 people. For your cooking party in New York, you'll definitely want to call Rustico.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Make Taste Buds Kitchen Your Next Party’s Venue!
For a super party bash, that is both fun and memorable, contact Taste Buds Kitchen for a cooking party in New York!  They have so many party celebrations from which to choose; whether you are planning a cooking party for your holiday celebration, corporate team building, adult or bachelorette parties, even children’s birthdays, they have the expertise, creative talent, and experience to turn any party into an event!

They are available for birthday parties and private events on select weekdays:  11:00 A.M., 2:00 P.M., 5:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. on the weekends. For an additional fee, they can come to your location.  They can even entertain your children while you are at the party. If you have a main event, Taste Buds Kitchen can be an add on to your celebration, making it one of the best cooking parties in New York.  Because they have so many cooking party plans, call them for pricing -- they are one of the best venues for a cooking party in NY.

The Culinary Loft

Planning to celebrate special events in your life with a cooking party?  Don’t hesitate to call The Culinary Loft
For a cooking party or bonding event, nothing brings people together like a fun cooking party with a fabulous meal at the end as a reward. The Culinary Loft’s highly trained specialists can really help you with your cooking party in New York and make sure that your event is organized, perfect, and most importantly, memorable.  For corporate team building, The Culinary Loft’s cooking parties work as a fun way to break down the departmental walls and bring people and coworkers together. 

The attendees break up into groups and their chef works to help everyone prepare different courses, from beginning to end. When all of the cooking is done everyone enjoys the reward of a job well done.