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Complete Great Meals At Abigael’s

There are a lot of great food you will surely love at Abigael's. If you have been in almost every upscale restaurant in the city, but haven’t gone to Abigael’s in NY, you must visit them now.


Some of the great and highly recommended dishes in this kosher restaurant in NY is their Mushroom Palenta which is just so delicious, the Pad Thai which is excellent and completely homemade, they will add chicken to it if you ask them to, the Hanger Steak Marsala which is mouthwatering, the Mashed Sweet Potatoes which are out of this world and a must try at the restaurant as an extra side dish, the T-Apple Cobbler which is a fantastic dessert!

Location: 1407 Broadway Street, New York, NY, 10018-5100
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 212-575-1407
Counties Served:
1407 Broadway Street, New York, NY, 10018-5100