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Brant Lake Dance Camp

Brant Lake Dance Camp

Plenty of things to do
Brant Lake Dance Camp offers many other activities besides dancing, such as swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, playing tennis and much more. There are 3 rooms dedicated to dance instruction or rehearsal each of them with an appropriate type of floor for the dancing style. 

The camp starts towards the end of June and last for about a month. The tuition for 2013 was of $6850 and the suggested allowance of $75. Parents can visit on specific days but accommodation must be secured on time at nearby inns.

Location: 7586 State Route 8, Brant Lake, NY, 12815
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 518-494-2406
Counties Served:
7586 State Route 8, Brant Lake, NY, 12815