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Deno's Wonder Wheel

Deno's Wonder Wheel

Check Out The Most Famous Ferris Wheel In The World

Deno’s Wonder Wheel is an amusement park which is great for the kids and the adults. Even if you are already in your late 30s or 40s you will certainly enjoy the experience at Deno’s Wonder Wheel in NY! The lines for the other rides are not too long although there are really some rides which are being crazed about by the people.


The Wonder Wheel is considered to be the most famous Ferris wheel in the world because it is really different from the other Ferris wheels. To find out more about it, visit their website now.

Location: 3059 Denos Vourderis Place, Brooklyn, NY, 11224
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 718-372-2592
Counties Served:
3059 Denos Vourderis Place, Brooklyn, NY, 11224