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Jewish Children's Museum

Jewish Children's Museum

One of the Top Brooklyn Children's Museums!

No matter your faith or culture, you will find the Jewish Children's Museum to be a fascinating visit. Get an in-depth look at Jewish history, daily life and important aspects of the faith. Kids will have a blast learning about the creation of the world, the beginning of the Sabbath celebration, how to cook in a kosher way and much more in these interactive and fun exhibits.


Children can learn about the central themes of Jewish thought in a theater with a 180 degree screen and surround  sound, test their knowledge of Jewish traditions in quiz-show style, and explore a model synagogue where everything is explained at the children's level. Open Sunday through Thursday, admission to this children's museum in Brooklyn is $10 per person.

Location: 792 Eastern Parway, Brooklyn, NY, 11213
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 718-467-0600
Counties Served:
792 Eastern Parway, Brooklyn, NY, 11213