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Mills Basin Day Camp

Mills Basin Day Camp

A Great Day Camp in Brooklyn!

This fun day camp has tons of activities for kids of all ages and will  be an unforgettable summer experience for your child. With 5 different age groups you can be sure your child will be making friends with and participating in activities with kids his or her own age.


Fun activities such as learning magic, learning about computers, swimming, doing gymnastics and sports, learning arts and crafts and much more will take place throughout the summer. This Brooklyn summer camp puts its 14 years of experience to use making sure all the campers are having fun and participating. Create great unforgettable memories at Mills Basin Day Camp.

Location: 5945 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11234
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 718-251-6200
Counties Served:
5945 Strickland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11234