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Pawling Nature Reserve

Pawling Nature Reserve

Best Place to go on a Hike in NY
There is no better place to explore nature while visiting New York than the Pawling Nature Reserve. This reserve boasts of having more than 1000 acres of natural forest landscapes. Pawling nature trails are perfect for recreational enjoyment as well as nature study since the reserve is rich in vegetation and wildlife. 

Wildlife gazing falls high on the list of things to do during a hiking visit. The surrounding area provides shelter to a wide range of animals. Hikers get the chance to spot deer, coyotes, bobcats and beavers in their natural habitats. What’s more, there are lots of birds and various plant species in Pawling Nature Reserve, thus making it the best place to take a nature hike in NY.

Location: P.O. Box 599, Pawling, NY, 12564
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 845-855-9155
Counties Served:
P.O. Box 599, Pawling, NY, 12564