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The Catskills Mountains

The Catskills Mountains

Most Rewarding Hiking Experiences in NY
Are you visiting New York and want to explore the city's natural treasures? Why not visit the Catskills Mountains and experience the most rewarding hiking experience in NY? Standing at approximately 3000 feet above sea level, Catskills Mountains offer some of the best sightseeing opportunities for hikers. 

Whether you want to enjoy a casual nature walk, a challenging uphill hike or an epic multi-day backpacking expedition, Catskills Mountains has it all. Nature trails lead hikers through natural landscapes, lush forests and mountain scenery. Most hiking trails in the Catskills are marked, thus making it easy for hikers to get around.

Location: 76 Main Street Stamford, New York, NY, 12167
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Phone: 607-652-7676
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76 Main Street Stamford, New York, NY, 12167