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Blue Marble Ice Cream

Blue Marble Ice Cream

High Quality and Healthy Ice Cream Flavors in Brooklyn!
Are you looking for a tasty, healthy and all natural scoop of ice cream? Well make sure to try Blue Marble ice cream store in Brooklyn the next time you happen to pass by New York.  In addition to having their own certified organic ice cream plant, Blue marble sources fresh and organically grown ingredients used to make ice cream flavors.

Ice cream prepared from organic dairy and natural ingredients tastes better, and that is why this brand serves award winning ice cream entrees. With special applauds from renowned sources such as Aljazeera, Oprah, Yahoo Travel and the New York Time, it is little wonder why Blue Marble remains to be one of the best ice cream stores in Brooklyn.

Location: 102 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY, 10013
Visit Website: View Website
Phone: 212-775-1117
Counties Served:
102 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY, 10013