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Best Museums in Queens

Find the top museums in Queens, where you can explore the most fascinating exhibits and take in the most interesting lectures. Do not pass up a chance to visit some of the best Queens museums. If you want to make the most out of your visit to Queens, see our list of all the great museums in Queens.

Queens Museum of Art

A True Urban Art Experience in Queens!

Founded in 1972, the Queens Museum of Art is best known for its international contemporary art exhibitions that reflect the incredible diversity of the Queens borough.  Since the museum's attendance has grown over the years, it features all sorts of cool events like film screenings, dance performances, musical acts, and public dialogues about the featured works on display.


The museum's permanent collection consists of approximately 10,000 items.  Recent acquisitions include works from such famed artists as Salvador Dali, Mark Dion, and Andrew Moore.  The most famous exhibition is the Panorama of the City of New York--a 9,335-square-foot architectural model that includes every single building in the five boroughs that was constructed before 1992.  It is a true sight to behold, as the panorama features a total of 895,000 individual structures!