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Queens Childrens Museums

Bringing your child to a children's museum in Queens is a great way to have fun while learning. This easy to use directory gives you a list of kids museums in Queens that are good for an afternoon visit or the entire day!

New York Hall of Science

Science Fun for All Ages!

The New York Hall of Science, though not solely a children's museum, has many exhibits and areas geared especially toward young inquiring minds. Preschool Place, an area of the museum made especially for younger children, has playhouses, themed discovery boxes, a foam brick building area, magnetized trains and much more to stimulate the imagination and encourage inquisitive learning.


Older children are sure to enjoy the museum's permanent exhibits such as Marvelous Molecules, and Hidden Kingdoms which give visitors an up-close look at things not normally visible to the human eye. To release some of that pent up energy, you'll want to take your kids to the Science Playground outside, which is a sensory wonderland filled with sand pits, slides, fog machines and more. This fun Queens childrens museum is $8 for kids and $11 for adults.