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Leisure Activities in Queens

Find some of the best and most fun leisure activities Queens has to offer when you use this helpful guide. For great outdoor leisure activities in Queens, consult this categorized list of relaxing things to do. 

archery ny

Archery in Queens

For the best in Queens archery, check out our complete list of archery ranges in queens. If you're seeking the coolest archery queens has to offer, take aim at one of these fun-filled archery ranges in queens NY.

Category of Archery in Queens
bird watching new york

Bird Watching in Queens

If you're looking to enjoy bird watching in Queens, see Fun New York's complete list of birding places in queens. Experience the finest bird watching in Queens, NY where you'll get to see beautiful and exotic birds fly through the air.

Category of Bird Watching in Queens
new york fishing

Fishing in Queens

Find freshwater fishing, striped bass fishing, and other types of fishing in Queens. Search for places to fish in queens that will be fun for weekend getaways with the family. Before you go fishing in Queens, NY; read our detailed reviews on the best charters, boats, lakes, and other fishing spots in queens.

Category of Fishing in Queens
new york golf courses

Golf Courses in Queens

Search for golf courses in Queens in Douglaston and other parts of the borough. Find all types of places to golf in queens. Read detailed reviews and information about queens golf courses.

Category of Golf Courses in Queens