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Queens Zoos

Spend a day marvelling over nature and the unique and interesting animals in it when you visit Queens zoos. Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and insects are all on display at zoos in Queens. Get up close with the animal kingdom when you take your family to a Queens zoo.

Queens Zoo

One of the Best Queens Zoos to Visit!

When you go to Queens Zoo you will be able to see a large range of animals indigenous to the American continents. You will be amazed at the huge range of animals one can find without traveling overseas. Stroll through the South American Trail exhibit and find the world's smallest deer, noisy parrots and the unique Andean Bears. This 5 acre zoo also boasts a Great Plains exhibit, a domestic animals exhibit, an aviary and much more.


Time your visit so that you can watch one of the three daily sea lion feedings. These playful animals are a joy to watch and are especially active when food is involved! This Queens zoo has a Discovery Center for small children, so if you need a break from pushing that stroller stop by and let your kids do a fun craft or read a book about animals from the zoo's library. This zoo is open 365 days a year.