Smooth Ride: Tips for Transportation from New York to New Jersey

A business or an entertaining trip - the route from New York to New Jersey depends on your goals and capabilities! Think about what you prefer: speed and comfort or a scenic route with adventure. Let's look at how to get from New York to New Jersey, and you will choose your ideal option for your upcoming travel based on your needs.

Road from the airport

Arriving at one of the airports in New York State, you have several options to get to the neighboring state:

  • plane
  • shuttle
  • car rental
  • taxi

Let's delve into each of these options more comprehensively.


Profitable is to book a flight to Atlantic City International Airport, Trenton-Mercer Airport, or Newark Liberty Intl Airport. Check which of these airports is closest to your final destination in New Jersey. The flight only takes a few minutes, so this is the fastest option. Then take a bus or car.


The shuttle service is reasonable if you plan to arrive at your destination without rush. The shuttle will take a roundabout route, and you often should share space with other passengers. A definite advantage is the possibility of booking in advance. The obvious disadvantage is that you are tied to the schedule and requirements of your fellow travelers.

Car rental

Rental vehicles for every need are available at New York and New Jersey airports. When arriving at Newark Liberty Intl Airport, take advantage of EWR AVIS car rental services for a fabulous onward travel experience. To travel cost-free with AVIS car rental at Newark Airport, consider booking early at


Taxi services are also available at any airport. However, given the heavy traffic, prices are steep. So, a fifteen-minute trip can cost as much as $60 (at least). On the plus side, you probably won’t get lost in an unknown area and avoid the need to concentrate on the road. This option is suitable if you are exhausted and are ready to spend any amount for a comfortable and fast trip.


Using the PATH train services, you can avoid traffic jams and delays. This option allows you to travel to New Jersey cities directly from Manhattan. Key stops in New Jersey are:

  • Newark,
  • Hoboken,
  • Journal Square (Jersey City),
  • Grove Street (Jersey City),
  • Harrison

The average price of a trip will be about $20. The underground section of the road runs along an impressive cast-iron tunnel from New York to New Jersey under the Hudson River. Good news – trains are available 24 hours a day!

If you need to get to New Jersey City, you can use regular buses or profitable car rental services in the U.S. in one of the cities mentioned above.


This option includes a taxi or rental car from point A to point B without transfers. The distance from New York to New Jersey by car is around 70 miles. It often becomes the speediest and most comfortable travel option. It competes with a flight in both respects, though a flight is fraught with stress for the body and a long wait for boarding or baggage claim.

The car trip takes about an hour and a half (if you manage to avoid massive traffic jams during rush hours). Take advantage of the I-95 S toll road for a comfortable ride.


To reach Newark Airport from New York City effortlessly, one can opt for the 108 bus provided by NJ Transit. With departures every hour, the travel time usually takes approximately 40 minutes. Next, consider intercity bus options or rent a car to your in-state destination.

Ferry and bike: for the adventurous

If you love sports and adventure, consider cycling combined with the ferry. You'll effortlessly reach the Ferry Terminal in Battery Park City and then head to the pier in Belford, NJ, enjoying the waterway beauty. Then, you can reach New Jersey City from Belford by bicycle by following the Henry Hudson Bike Trail.

The ferry crossing will take about an hour, and the bicycle journey to New Jersey City from the pier will last three and a half hours. Please note that the journey will take longer if you do not cycle regularly. Think about stops along the way in advance, and stock up on water and snacks.


Given the popularity of interstate travel, there are many options for quickly and comfortably getting from New York to New Jersey. Whatever route you choose, you will find an exciting trip that combines bridges, water surfaces, underground tunnels, and picturesque landscapes. If you need a non-stop option, renting a car is your best choice. This way, you can plan the shortest route with stops at your discretion and not depend on public transport schedules.Here is how to get from New Jersey to New York.