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Best Museums in Brooklyn

See a list of the top museums in Brooklyn where you can find the most fascinating exhibits and take in the most interesting lectures. Browse our extensive guide to the best Brooklyn museums. Find all types of great museums in Brooklyn that are guaranteed to stimulate your mind.

Brooklyn Children's Museum

One of the Most Fun Museums in Brooklyn!

Housed in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Children's Museum was the first museum in the U.S. to cater specifically to children.  The museum has recently expanded with all-new exhibits and programs.  Whether your child is in pre-school or high school, he or she is bound to have a fun-filled, educational experience.


The facilities are clean and well-maintained, with no shortage of interactive exhibits for your children to explore.  Favorite exhibits include kid-sized store fronts that resemble actual store fronts in Brooklyn, allowing kids to learn the diverse businesses of the borough.

Brooklyn Museum

The Best Art Museum in Brooklyn!

Housed in a 560,000-square-foot building, the Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the entire country!  Behold everything from collections of ancient Egyptian masterpieces to the finest contemporary art.  Browse the website to view the museum's extensive list of exhibitions and long-term installations that are guaranteed to keep you in awe.


Take advantage of one of the museum's many fun and educational events like music and dance performances, workshops, films, storytelling, art courses, and gallery talks.  The Brooklyn Museum is conveniently located, as it's only a 30-minute subway ride from Manhattan.