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Best Restaurants in Brooklyn by Food Type

From the finest Brooklyn pizzerias to the best sushi joints, find out all the best restaurants in Brooklyn by food category.  Fun New York will provide you with the best Brooklyn restaurants by food type, so you can find a meal that best fits your palate.

Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Order the best burgers in Brooklyn at a variety of restaurants and small burgers joints throughout the borough. See a complete list of the best burger restaurants in brooklyn.

Listing of Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Best Hot Dogs in Brooklyn

If you're planning a visit to the borough, find out where to get all the best hot dogs in Brooklyn. From hole-in-the-wall corner joints to large restaurants, search for the best hot dog places in brooklyn.

Listing of Best Hot Dogs in Brooklyn

Best Pizza in Brooklyn

Enjoy the most mouth-watering pies with the toppings of your choice by searching our guide to the best pizza in Brooklyn. From brick oven restaurants to corner pizzerias, find the best pizza places in Brooklyn.

Listing of Best Pizza in Brooklyn

Best Steak in Brooklyn

Order the best steak in Brooklyn after you scroll through our complete list of the best steakhouses in brooklyn. Order any type of steak you desire and have it cooked to absolute perfection.

Listing of Best Steak in Brooklyn

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Brooklyn

With so many great options we listed the top Brooklyn vegetarian restaurants for you. Take a look at all of them now and you will definitely have one great night out. Try them all and decide which you like best!

Listing of Best Vegetarian Restaurants Brooklyn