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Brooklyn Summer Camps

When you send your child to one of these great summer camps in Brooklyn you will ensure that they finish their summer with new knowledge and new friends. Don't let them sit in front of video games or the television, get them out and active at these fun Brooklyn summer camps!


Artistic parties 
The parties organized with Abrakadoodle allow the kids to take their masterpiece at home and a sure way of having creative fun. There are several party themes available and some of the most popular ones are the Castles and Dragons and the Monet Water Lilies.


If these activities don’t appeal to you others can be created to suit your needs. As a matter of fact, you can organize almost any other type of event that can benefit from art, such as a fundraiser. 

Aviator Sports Center

Learn Useful Skills at this Brooklyn Summer Camp!

Kids who attend camps at Aviator Sports Center will have a chance to enjoy their summer while also learning to develop self confidence, social skills, leadership qualities and more! Adventure Camp runs all summer long while other specifically focused camps such as gymnastics camp and dance camp run in shorter sessions throughout the summer.


Fun activities and theme days occur weekly including such things as soccer, rock climbing, arts and crafts, spirit days and more! This fun summer camp in Brooklyn is open to children from 5 through 15 years of age, while special Junior Camps are available for children from 3 to 5 years old.

Brant Lake Camp

Lots of facilities for sport lovers
The Brant Lake Camp has many sport facilities for outdoor activities as well as facilities for indoor activities. The outdoor activities are tennis with 15 fields, soccer with 2 fields, wall climbing, volleyball with 2 courts, fishing, water skiing or boarding, swimming and many more. The indoor facilities include a fitness center, an arts and crafts complex, two clubhouses used for various activities and more. 

The tuition for the upcoming year is $11,300 but there are other fees that are yet to be announced. The camp can host up to 330 boys and 105 counselors.

Brant Lake Dance Camp

Plenty of things to do
Brant Lake Dance Camp offers many other activities besides dancing, such as swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, playing tennis and much more. There are 3 rooms dedicated to dance instruction or rehearsal each of them with an appropriate type of floor for the dancing style. 

The camp starts towards the end of June and last for about a month. The tuition for 2013 was of $6850 and the suggested allowance of $75. Parents can visit on specific days but accommodation must be secured on time at nearby inns.


Plan a party or a fundraiser
If you have a fundraising event and you need help with it, KidzArt can help out. The kids have their own online galleries and those interested purchase and receive the painting directly framed, with no effort on your part. Of course, the fundraiser group receives a percentage of the sales.

If you want to organize a party, you can choose one of the 5 available birthday packages lasting from one hour to one and a half hours. The party can be located wherever you choose, and it includes needed project supplies, a specialist, kids t-shirt and invitations. 

Mills Basin Day Camp

A Great Day Camp in Brooklyn!

This fun day camp has tons of activities for kids of all ages and will  be an unforgettable summer experience for your child. With 5 different age groups you can be sure your child will be making friends with and participating in activities with kids his or her own age.


Fun activities such as learning magic, learning about computers, swimming, doing gymnastics and sports, learning arts and crafts and much more will take place throughout the summer. This Brooklyn summer camp puts its 14 years of experience to use making sure all the campers are having fun and participating. Create great unforgettable memories at Mills Basin Day Camp.

The Art Farm

What type of party do you want?
There are 2 locations, one in the city and one in Hamptons making it easier to reach. The birthday party theme can be almost anything you or your kid likes: a petting farm, a princess or knight party, mad science, treasure hunt or a do-it-yourself.


The party lasts for 2 hours, can accommodate up to 30 kids and even if you select one of the available packages you can have any party add-on for an extra fee. The add-ons cost between $125 and $450.