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Bird Watching in Brooklyn

See our complete list of bird watching places in Brooklyn, where you can view and take photos of the most beautiful and majestic winged creatures. If you're planning a pleasant and relaxing afternoon in the borough, browse through our list of parks and other outdoor venues where you can enjoy bird watching in Brooklyn, NY. For the most amazing birding in Brooklyn, scroll through Fun New York's go-to guide.

Brooklyn Bird Club

Make New Friends while Bird Watching in Brooklyn!

Celebrating over 100 years of Brooklyn bird watching, the Brooklyn Bird Club continues to be a mainstay in Kings County.  The club's mission is to promote bird watching as a hobby, as well as conservation in Brooklyn and all over the state.  As a member you'll get to participate in birding-themed field trips to places like Prospect Park, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, and Gravesend Bay Shore.


Whether you're new to bird watching or looking to sharpen your bird watching skills, a fun time is guaranteed!  The Brooklyn Bird Club is also a perfect opportunity to make new friends who share a common interest in birds, wildlife, and the great outdoors.  If you're interested in joining the club; print out the membership form on the website, fill in your contact information, and mail in the form (along with your yearly membership fee) to the club's address.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Some of the Finest Brooklyn Birding!

One of the best bird watching places Brooklyn has to offer; Brooklyn Bridge Park constantly attracts a rich variety of songbirds, water birds, and birds of prey.  Birdwatchers have counted at least 60 species of birds of songbirds at the park's cove--some passing through, some there for the season, and some dwelling in the region all year round.  With the installation and growth of the upland and shoreline habitat along the park, it will almost outnumber Prospect Park as a major stopover for multiple bird species.


Mallards and Canada Geese swim in the cove throughout the year, joined in the winter by the Black Ducks of inland waters.  In the winter the cove is visited by sea ducks and bay ducks.  Other water birds and raptors that are frequently seen in the park include the Great Black-backed Gull, Herring Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Double-crested Cormorant, and the Peregrine Falcon.