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Performing Arts in Brooklyn

See an acclaimed play, hear a world famous tenor shake the rafters, thrill to the acrobatic feats of dancers - all can be found in Brooklyn performing arts. This is your comprehensive guide to Brooklyn arts performances of all types. Consult this list to find plays, performances and concerts in Brooklyn.

Ballet in Brooklyn

Ballet in Brooklyn is an art of the highest degree. Find out where to take your loved one to see great Brooklyn ballet when you consult our directory.

Listing of Ballet in Brooklyn

Concert Halls in Brooklyn

Want a great place to go out for a classy night on the town? Check out these concert halls in Brooklyn. Listen to music of all types at versatile Brooklyn concert halls.

Listing of Concert Halls in Brooklyn

Theaters in Brooklyn

For some of the best plays and musicals in the state, visit theaters in Brooklyn. Great Brooklyn theatre will keep you coming back for more. Going to a theater in Brooklyn is a great date idea!

Listing of Theaters in Brooklyn