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Wineries in Brooklyn

Visit a Brooklyn city winery to indulge in a sophisticated evening of wine tasting. Make your own wine at wineries in Brooklyn! See our list of Brooklyn wineries to find out where to go one your evening with that special someone.

Brooklyn Winery

Make Your Own Wine in Brooklyn!

This urban winery is located right in downtown Brooklyn. While the location may come as a surprise, the service won't - you will find a staff educated in wines who are happy to share any information and guidance they can on choosing the right vintage. Have a seat in the wine bar where you can enjoy a glass of this Brooklyn winery's handcrafted wine or a beer and a snack. Sit at one of the large communal tables and chat with other visitors, or sit at a private table for a more intimate setting with that someone special.


One of the main attractions here is that you can make your own wine at this Brooklyn winery where you can be involved in every step of the process from crushing the grapes to sampling the barrels and creating your own custom label. Choose the variety of wine you want to make and decide exactly how involved you want to be in the process by choosing from one of the many wine making options offered.

Woodbury Vineyards

A Special Vineyards In the Heart of Fredonia, New York
The Woodbury Vineyards is a special place in the heart of Fredonia, New York. The Woodbury is a small shop which is set directly on the top of a grape farm. The smell of the grapes and the apple permeates the air of the place outside of the shop itself. The atmosphere inside the shop is really cozy and you will really feel at home with it. You would really find the wines irresistible at the Woodbury Vineyards NY because of the great smell of the place. Visit them now and just enjoy the place!