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New York Botanical Gardens and Arboretums


Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life by taking refuge in a peaceful NY garden. Experience the beauty of nature when you visit New york botanical gardens and enjoy the flowers, trees and exotic plants on display there. NY arboretums are a great place to spend a sunny day outdoors.

Queens Botanical Garden

Affordable  Escape into Beauty

Herb gardens, rose gardens, bee gardens, meadows and more can be found in Queens Botanical Garden. A great part of the gardens to visit in the spring is the Fragrance Walk - a part of the gardens that is filled with strong scented flowers and plants. 


Follow the "Green Trail" and find out how each part of the garden is eco-friendly, even the parking lot! Queens Botanical Garden is open year round Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is free off-season and $4 per person the rest of the year. This is one of the finest gardens and arboretums NY has to offer.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

One of the Most Famous Gardens in New York!

For a peaceful break from city life, visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, one of the premier gardens in New York. Year round you will be delighted by the flowers, plants and trees on display. The tropical pavilion is a great place to visit in the winter - as you step inside you will feel you have entered the Amazon basin. Warm humid air, tropical trees soaring above, and the sound of waterfalls recreate the native habitats of these trees and plants.For a relaxing change, visit the bonsai museum. This simple open space is lined with carefully cultivated bonsai trees that will delight visitors with their intricate details. 

Tours of the botanical garden in New York are available on weekends for those who want to make sure they get the most out of their visit. Admission is free for members, children under 12 and on winter weekdays. General admission is $10, students and seniors $5. Open Tuesday - Friday 8-4:30; Saturday and Sunday 10-4:30pm.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Thousands of Exotic and Local Plants and Flowers

These NY botanical gardens feature both outdoor gardens and an extensive collection of indoor gardens. Walk through the traditional Victorian ivy and herb house which features the largest public ivy collection in the world.  Explore the fern house and tropical rainforest for something truly exotic - the 30 foot tall waterfall surrounded by banana trees is sure to delight visitors of all ages.


Move outdoors and explore the shrub and perennial garden. In the warmer months this garden is bursting with life and colors. Explore the South Park arboretum and see the towering trees and beautiful vistas of meadows and lakes. This NY botanical garden and arboretum is open Monday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Central Park Conservatory Garden

A Retreat in the Middle of the City

Begun in 1898 as a glass greenhouse this garden has since been turned into a 6 acre formal garden. Styled in Italian, French and English garden styles the many shaded walkways and burbling fountains will calm and refresh you.  


The French garden is especially delightful in spring with its pansies and tulips scenting the air. A tall fountain, large lawn and wisteria pergola mark the Italian garden while the English garden's central feature is the statuary fountain memorializing Frances Hodgson Burnett. Relax under the magnolia and lilac trees and soak up the atmosphere. Conservatory Garden is open from 8am to dusk.

Clark Botanic Garden

Learn More about Nature Here!

This oasis of beauty in Long Island was founded in 1969 and is home to a variety of flowers including wildflowers, daylilies, roses, and perennials along with a wide range of other plants and trees. Especially of note are the garden's daylily collection - be sure to bring your camera to capture these delicate flowers on film.


This gorgeous 12 acre New York garden was intended from its inception to be an educational place where trees and flowers can be cultivated and both children and adults can be educated about the natural world. Open 10am to 4pm year round - closed winter weekends. Clark Botanic Garden has a schedule of programs and guest speakers so visitors can learn more about nature and gardening both locally and worldwide. 

Cornell Plantations

A purpose driven greenery
Cornell Plantations is a one of a kind place alive with plants, purpose, and a presence that truly distinguishes this place among the many gardens and arboretums in NY. Their mature botanical garden, arboretum, and diverse network of nature preserves help make Cornell one of the most beautiful campuses anywhere. Cornell Plantation's leadership in environmental conservation and education is truly marvelous. Their main purpose is to help protect native species and habitats in the plantations natural areas, throughout the region, and beyond.

Not long ago, this place was part of a working farm, and served as a pasture for the Cornell Department of Animal Science’s herd of Black Angus cattle. How this place turned to be one of the most visited gardens and arboretums in NY is a legend. It's not only the vast greenery that makes Cornell Plantations a perfect place to spend the afternoon, but also the calm ponds that support a collection of water plants and wide life. Be inspired and get closer to mother earth as you stroll along the scientific study and public exhibition of a diversity of trees and shrubs. 

Jefferson Market Garden

A Peaceful Bit of Earth

This garden, although tiny, is a beautiful haven  amidst the surrounding concrete jungle of New York City.  Located in Greenwich village, this third of an acre garden is completely volunteer run. A sanctuary of green in the summer, it is a wonderful place to come and sit in silence on one of the many shaded benches. 


Events take place often in Jefferson Market Garden, including a flower festival, pumpkin painting, children's storytime and live music. Located next to historic Jefferson Market Public Library, this public garden is open afternoons Tuesday through Sunday from May to October.

Landis Arboretum

A Day Trip Among Towering Giants

Calling itself a "living museum" this huge 548 acre arboretum is a great place to spend a day hiking. Landis boasts an old-growth forest, a bluebird trail, over 8 miles of walking trails, gorgeous perennial gardens and much more. Programs for children of all ages occur year round making this a great place for a field trip or educational day out.


View the historic lilac collection, some species of which were developed by Fred Lape - founder of the arboretum. These peaceful arboretums in New York are open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year. Admission is free but donations are suggested at $5 per person.

Narrows Botanical Gardens

Celebrate Nature in New York!

These small New York botanical gardens are completely volunteer run. Begun in 1995 as an effort to provide a sanctuary for people and wildlife alike, and to promote awareness of the beauty of nature, they now have grown to include a butterfly garden, bubbling brooks and waterfalls, a Zen garden and a lily pond.

Events take place in the gardens regularly including outdoor movie nights, harvest festivals and tea parties. Free children's educational  classes are offered during the warmer months where kids can learn about the environment. Admission is free to these botanical gardens in New York. 

New York Botanical Garden

Gorgeous Flowers Year Round!

Browse the glass conservatory and see plants protected from the temperature changes of the outside world - take a relaxing walk through the 50 acre forest and see trees that are older than the city - bring your camera to the perennial garden where there is sure to be something beautiful in bloom. The New York Botanical Garden has many changing exhibits along with annual events such as their famed orchid show.

The 250 acres of beautiful plants and trees will delight you year round. These gardens in New York are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Old Westbury Gardens

Historic Gardens in New York!

This NY garden is set on 200 acres of property once owned by a wealthy family in the early 1900s. The mansion house  and its grounds are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been host to visitors of all types for over 100 years. The house itself has been preserved as a museum with a fascinating look at life in the early 1900s while the grounds have continued to be a tranquil retreat of natural beauty.


Open Wednesday through Monday from the end of April to the end of October, visitors are welcome to tour the grounds and house, and participate in the many events that are held year round.  Yearly events such as harvest activities, outdoor concerts, children's programs and tea parties  take place often.

Snug Harbor Botanical Garden

Culture and Nature Combined!

These botanical gardens in NY are over 35 years old and have evolved and changed for the better each year they've existed. The gardens are unique in that they are not just gardens but are merged with the Snug Harbor cultural center - cultural education events, performances and more take place here year round. 


One beautiful stop on your garden visit will be the Tuscan garden. Designed by leading Italian architects and gardeners in cooperation with local specialists it is host to many Italian cultural events as well as beautiful topiary, a vineyard and olive trees.  Visitors to the gardens won't want to miss the Chinese Scholar's Garden - a tranquil walled in area styled after a traditional Chinese garden features pavilions and covered walkways that arch over waterways where fish calmly swim. The gift shop has a wide selection of unique jewelry, garden tools, accessories, souvenirs and gift items. Snug Harbor botanical gardens are open Tuesday through Sunday from dawn to dusk.

The High Line

See New York from a New Perspective!

This greenway is built on what was formerly an elevated railway track running through New York City's lower west side. This New York garden is home to a wide array of flowers and trees and is a relaxing and calm place to visit. Visitors can enjoy strolling along 1.45 mile plant-lined walkway elevated above the surrounding city.


Designed by expert landscape artists, the plants and flowers that were chosen for the High Line are inspired by the self-seeded plants that grew on the disused railway after the trains stopped running. When you visit you will see many wildflowers, grasses, herbs, trees, shrubs and vines.  The High Line is open 365 days a year and is free to visit.

Wave Hill

A Change of Pace from the City

These gardens are a great place to visit for a peaceful afternoon's stroll or a sunny day's picnic. Bring your camera and capture the beauty of the amazing vistas that overlook the Hudson River and the Palisades. Bring the family and walk through the 10 acres of forest that enclose the gardens or rest beside the water lilies and lotus that float in the aquatic gardens.


On-site galleries showcase the works of artists who have been inspired by the beauty of nature. Before you leave stop by the garden shop and buy some plants of your own or an ornament for your garden. These fine botanical gardens in New York are open year round Tuesday to Sunday.